Ron Hevener Family Dog Figurine For Irish Wolfhound Lovers -- What Color Is Yours?

$ 90.00

The value of a figurine is in what it represents to us. From Hevener Figurines we hope you remember the good times.Remember, they are Hand Made and no two Hevener Figurines are exactly alike, ever. The photos show you samples of figurines being made in the studio. The piece is approximately 7 inches long. The Hevener Figurines have been collected world-wide for more than 50 years, and they are sold at the finest dog and horse shows such as Westminster, Crufts and Scottsdale. As always, just ask for the color you like and we will do our best to please. We are YOUR studio! And you are invited to see other celebrations of Dogs, Horses, Cats & People who love them in our stores. They are inspired by the stories and books of Ron Hevener.