A Word About Our Galleries And You ....

The world is changing and in my travels I have learned how easy it is for people to destroy when they do not feel good about themselves.  Because of that, and perhaps because I believe it is important to nourish and protect what we love, I search for things that make life worth living. For those who love animals, we know they express the same feelings that we do. And for those who do not love animals, well, maybe some day you will understand.

The artists I represent are skilled and widely known and some of the designs or colors are made exclusively for Adelia Audi Galleries.

We ship internationally and our items are hand-made or limited editions. We are known for repairing broken or damaged porcelains, ceramics, paintings or other kinds of animal art for serious collectors, and we can custom-paint many of our figurines to match the animals you love. 

Brazilian Kisses On Your Heart,